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 Burst Fire AK-47 CFG script

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PostSubject: Burst Fire AK-47 CFG script   Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:52 pm

alias "dev0" "developer 0"
alias "dev1" "developer 1"
alias w3 "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias "cycle" "cyclesemi"
alias "cycleauto" "bind mouse1 +attack; dev1; echo
<-------------AUTO ----------------------------------->
alias cycle cyclesingle"
alias "cyclesingle" "bind mouse1 single; dev1; echo
<-------------------- SINGLE FIRE -------------------->
alias cycle cyclesemi"
alias "cyclesemi" "bind mouse1 semi; dev1; echo
<-------------------- SEMIAUTO -------------------->
alias cycle cycleburst"
alias "cycleburst" "bind mouse1 burst; dev1; echo
<-------------------- BURST -------------------->
alias cycle cycleauto"
alias "single" "+attack; w3; -attack"
alias "semi" "+attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack"
alias "burst" "+attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack; w3; +attack; w3; -attack"

bind "h" "cycle"
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Burst Fire AK-47 CFG script
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